Constructing Carmarthenshire Together is a unique and forward-thinking partnership which works together to create opportunities for people, businesses and communities, making best use of shared investment and resources to create a lasting, sustainable, legacy for future generations.

The partnership is made up of Carmarthenshire County Council, Coleg Sir Gar and Carmarthenshire Construction Training Association Ltd (CCTAL).

With strong links to local industry partners, key service organisations and other independent agencies, this partnership is the driving force behind several award-winning schemes that work with one another to create exciting opportunities for people, businesses and communities – many of which you can explore further on these webpages.

Our mission statement is simple:

“By working together in partnership, we will create an innovative and supportive environment to develop and empower a future workforce. We will create opportunities for all, with a shared commitment to invest in a sustainable legacy for Carmarthenshire.”

Constructing Carmarthenshire Together has several key objectives. By working together, we will strive to:-

  • Develop an individual’s skills and employability
  • Provide opportunities for all - breaking down social barriers and reaching the ‘hard-to-reach’
  • Develop and share ideas and resources
  • Create a legacy for the future
  • Find and develop new pathways towards employment
  • Support local industry partners to grow and provide opportunities for the next workforce generation
  • Empower, build and regenerate communities

Constructing Carmarthenshire Together

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